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Stop pouring money down the drain

Clean draught system = Profitable draught system

Draught Mechanics LLC use only the most advanced draught system cleaning techniques, chemicals and equipment.

Every cleaning consists of:

  1. Recirculating pump driven line cleaning

  2. Disassembling, caustic soaking & brush cleaning all faucets

  3. Sanitizing all spanners, couplers, coupling nuts & tower/drip tray surfaces

  4. Replacing any worn out washers or clamps

  5. Making sure there are no gas leaks & the pressures are correct

  6. Ensuring the overall performance of the system is at it's highest, including the glycol unit


We use brewer approved alkaline & acid cleaning chemicals. We display the date last cleaned on or near the keg cooler so management knows at a glance the last time the system was cleaned. We also post all cleanings to TwitterInstagram & Facebook so your customers can know that you care about their experience in your establishment and their overall health.   

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